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HD Consulting offers a broad range of Outsourcing solutions including
Outsourcing Advisory
IT Outsourcing
Outsourcing Advisory
HD Consulting assists small to mid-size companies in making informed decisions regarding outsourcing their key operations.
Outsourcing IT related work or Business processes can offer companies the opportunity to lower costs, improve service quality and delivery speed. Also companies take advantage of costs to re-engineer and research for new product ideas; but the real question is whether you can really take advantage of the Outsourcing Benefits?
HD Consulting conducts an extensive study to uncover the exposed risks of every process in the value chain and possible alternatives to mitigate risks. A very thorough Vendor evaluation, comprehensive SLA management and global transition methodology are performed as part of the end-to-end Outsourcing Advisory Lifecycle.
  Organization Readiness Assessment
  Defining Outsourcing Strategy
  Business Continuity
IT Outsourcing
Co-Managed Solutions
Co-Managed Solutions bridge the gap between staff augmentation and a fully managed solution so you can leverage our flexibility and walk the middle ground.
Lacking resources or a project plan? Let us be your project partner. We complement your existing staff, take care of HR activities, share your risks and manage resources, all under your direction. We won't compromise on quality.
Our Role
We provide the project plan and the staffing plan, and your project management runs and owns the project. We help define the project and create the statement of work from an objective standpoint. Before getting started, we mutually determine the degree of our involvement, depending on your needs and the project scope. If needed, we'll even supply the project manager.
An integral part of your team, we construct the project, establish deliverables and milestones and adhere to schedules to maximize the benefit to you. Most often, a co-managed solution involves installations and upgrades - our strategic alliances give us added tools and expertise to complete your work efficiently.
The Offshore Advantage
Our offices in India allow us to incorporate extremely high-quality, reliable offshore development as part of our customized solutions.
Our methodology and our size, we are more nimble than larger competitors - we start projects quickly and deliver on time, every time. Thus, our off-shore environment lets us pass on to you a cost savings of 30 to 50 percent over in-house or onsite development.
In general, the percentage of work done offshore depends on the scope of your project. Overall project design occurs in the U.S., and development is completed offshore prior to installing the solution at your site. Our long-term experience helps us build your solution we have a wealth of knowledge and numerous contacts from our exposure to various clients and regions.
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Outsourcing Advisory
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