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Product Knowledge
Our consultants find the solution specific to client's business problem. We have experience with all of the major vendor products and can evaluate and recommend them for your specific project. Our detailed knowledge of a wide range of products lets us recommend what is best for your project and organization, delivering quality results.
In the implementation of Oracle E-Business Suite, the first step is to understand the client's business process and the things that are expected by the client from Oracle E-Business suite implementation. HD Consulting has in depth knowledge in the following modules:
OPM System Administration Setting up of Organization Hierarchy, OPM Company, Organizations and Warehouses are very crucial for successful implementation and scalability of the product.
OPM Inventory Mapping of item numbers, locators, lots, sublots are very important to handle the business effectively. Any impact in OPM Item Master also has the impact on Discrete Item Master and has to be taken care of. OPM offers Dual Unit of Measure (UOM) features which gives great advantage over the other competitors especially in industries having peculiar business case to maintain items in multiple UOMs.
OPM Product Development New Product Development offers unique advantage for the clients especially in pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries, by providing Formula Security which when used effectively, can act as an excellent Security tool.
Process Execution The OPM Process Execution offers various functionalities integrated with Product Development and gives the users much needed functionality to handle the Production process much effectively.
OPM Planning OPM Planning when properly configured acts a good tool for small and medium range companies, and helps the management and users to make more accurate decisions. OPM Planning with its integration with Oracle's Advanced Supply Chain Planning (ASCP), leverages most of the features provided by ASCP and can be used for large enterprises.
OPM Costing OPM's Costing engine helps the customers to value their items accurately and report their accounting to management in more user friendly way. Various options that can be controlled by the user, helps in accurately calculating the cost of the item depending on the client's requirements. OPM MAC 's Subledger offers Account Mapping functionality which depends on lot of configurations and initial accounting setups helps the client in understanding the company's performance and take better judgment in the future.
OPM Expertise
HD Consulting has tremendous experience in implementing Oracle Applications E-Business Suite and has special expertise in Oracle Process Manufacturing (OPM). HD consulting has worked with clients in Pharmaceuticals, Food and Beverages and Metal industry. Oracle Process Manufacturing offers various features for handling Inventory, New Product Development, OPM Quality Management, OPM Process Execution, OPM Costing, OPM System Administration and Process Planning. After 11.5.7 release, OPM integrates with Common Purchasing (PO) and Oracle Order Management (OM) to provide more features.
All the business requirements cannot be achieved with the help of standard product. As per our approach, the customization should be taken up as a last resort, because the amount of time and money to customize the product the subsequent maintenance should be worth the investment. Our extensive experience and special expertise in Oracle Process Manufacturing, helps in finding the work arounds and to avoid customization to the maximum possible extent. Our knowledge of OPM Internals, technical expertise along with the various domain experiences, we can assure that the customization that we suggest and create will be fool proof and scalable with the future changes in product and business process.
HD consulting also has extensive experience in upgrading the Oracle E-Business Suite. It has experience working with the clients who have upgraded from GEMMS to 11.0 and from various Oracle releases and legacy systems to 11.5.10. We have a pre-defined process in making the upgrade smooth, cost effective and with minimum downtime. Our experience with various Application Program Interfaces (APIs) provided by Oracle as well as the ones developed internally helps us to upgrade much faster and smoother.
The knowledge of both OPM and Discrete Manufacturing is required for a successful implementation, as OPM and Discrete are integrated at multiple key points like Inventory, Purchasing, Order Management and Planning. Any small mistakes at the integration points, leads to the collapse of whole system. HD Consulting has expertise with various modules that is integrated with OPM and various APIs used in integration.
Professional Services
HD consulting also offers post implementation support with our consultants working both onsite and offsite depending on the client's business requirements. We are skilled in maintaining the customizations, providing continuous functional support to the users, training the users with latest new features, resolving issues by working closely with Oracle through Tars. Beyond this, we have special expertise in period end closing of books using Standard Costing, Actual Costing, Lot Actual Costing and Subledger.
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